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Ve světle ekodesignu

Ekodesign slaví v tomto roce kulaté narozeniny. Právě před 30 lety, v roce 1992, se na veletrhu v Hannoveru představila otočná kancelářská židle z dílny


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REMA, Your Logical Choice…
Last year, REMA again confirmed its position as the fastest growing waste collection system for electrical equipment, batteries and accumulators in the Czech Republic.

Smart recycling®

REMA Systém

It is a non-profitable joint-stock company that was established to fulfil the obligations of manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment. As part of its activities, it focuses on comprehensive solutions for all groups of electrical and electronic equipment.

REMA PV Systém

It is a non-profitable joint-stock company that was established to meet the obligations of solar power plant operators and solar panel manufacturers. As part of its activities, it continues in the activities of REMA Systém.

REMA Battery

It is a non-profitable limited liability company that was established to meet the obligations of manufacturers and importers of batteries and accumulators.  


It is a non-profitable joint-stock company established for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations of the Act on Packaging. The company’s goal is to bring a fresh new approach to the industry as a certified packaging company.


Together with us, companies can provide environmentally friendly disposal based on the take-back or separate collection of EEE waste. It is possible to use both simple registration and contractual relations within the framework of Green Projects. Registration is required before first order of collection. Our clients (importers and manufacturers) who handle their legal obligations via REMA can also order collection. In addition, you may also easily fill in the Product Launch Report.


The general public can dispose of malfunctioning or used products via REMA through the collection projects re:Balík or Buď líný from all locations, municipalities or city and town districts in the Czech Republic. The collection order can also be placed without the need to register or sign a contract. How to order a collection? Citizens may use the Buď líný or re:Balík services for take-back of used electrical equipment, batteries and accumulators. Buď líný re:Balík



Complete solution of legal obligations as per the Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on Waste and on Amendments to Certain Other Acts, as amended. We provide information and legislative support.

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Every retailer of electrical and electronic equipment is legally obliged to take back old product from the customer who is buying a new one, and ensure environmentally safe waste disposal of such old product. Do not worry about your legal obligations and leave up to us.

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WRC (Waste Recycling Centres)

We provide collection, take-back and processing of all six groups of electrical equipment including portable batteries and accumulators, lamps and fluorescent lamps. We offer a proven and most efficient solution to all REMA WRCs.

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It is no longer necessary to go to a WRC to ensure ecological disposal of electrical equipment. REMA has come up with several projects that make recycling of electrical waste now available to everyone. All services are free of charge.

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We are constantly increasing the number of our collection points so that they are easily accessible to all Czech citizens. To create them we cooperate with last sellers, municipalities, WRCs, companies as well as individuals.

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The Group’s unique projects guarantee effective take-back, protection of natural resources and maximum elimination of negative impacts of selected products on the environment. re:Balík | Buď líný | Trash Made

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As a collective system specializing in the fulfilment of EEE manufacturers’ obligations we now have the largest number of clients in the Czech Republic exceeding 1,500. REMA currently serves more than 5,500 clients and 11,700 contract customers in the Czech Republic. Thank you for being with us!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will help you to navigate the issue, fill in the report or order the collection, and advise you how to sort electrical waste, batteries and accumulators.